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Design/ Development

Down payment required before work is started.

Web Site Hosting

Web site hosting is due upon invoice or immediately after design/development is approved.


Client is allocated three free revisions after work is approved. Any work after that is subject to revision fees, hourly fees, or milestone fees depending on the work.


Payments are accepted via Cashapp, Paypal, and Quickbooks.

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San Antonio's Web Hosting Continued.

Hosting services can be disconnected if your web hosting payment is not received by at least 30 days after invoice is sent.
A 299.00 activation fee + previous web hosting fees are due if web hosting payment is not paid with in 30 days of due date. Late fees of $10.00 are applied every 30 days when late.

  • Web site hosting is separate from design payments
  • Web site hosting is separate from domain name purchases
  • Web site hosting is separate from development fees
  • Web site hosting is separate from design and or revision fees
  • Web site hosting fees are due annually

Refund policy

Scenarios where refunds are considered.

  • Projects billed hourly are not refundable hours
  • Projects where the client agrees the work is done and later changes their mind, is not considered refundable.
  • If milestone project scope is not met, work is not complete by a prior approved deadline, then a refund of at least 10% will be considered.
  • If 0 work is done on the project refund is considered at 100%
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Payments continued.

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