Average cost of website design for small business 2022

There are many factors that go into the price of a website design for a small business. These factors generally depend on the kind of business.

Service based businesses

If your business is a service based business and you want an amazing design, lots of functionality, good copy etc, basically the full 9 yards, you’re looking at anywhere from five thousand to ten thousand dollars.

For something simpler where your website is still a serviced based business your web site would have a smaller cost of something closer to twenty-five hundred dollars to five thousand dollars.

Ecommerce businesses

Whereas, if you have a website that sales products, the price could vary by how many products you have, functionality you might need, as well as how complex your design would be.

Then of course how long it would take.. You can see our article here for more about how much a shopify site would cost. That being said a shopify site cost can range significantly and go up to as much as 100k, but generally you would be looking at 5-15k.

Video game as a service business (GAAS)

There are many types of sites, some websites require more functionality. For instance a video game running on your website could cost anywhere from 10k -50k depending on how long your game would take to develop.

Keep the time frame in mind when considering web design costs as the time to develop your website is normally the biggest factor in quoting your website.

software as a service (SAAS)

Software as a service in the business sector can be very expensive to build. Whether the web application is being made for the B2B community or the B2C community, SAAS products can take quite a bit of time to build with normal eta's of anywhere from 3-6 months and sometimes even longer. One of the first SAAS products we made was a video streaming application similiar to youtube. This was about a 20k project that took about 6 months. Other similiar projects were in similiar ranges with similiar eta's. You can expect to spend thousands of dollars for decent saas products. Many SAAS products actually change the way we do things. There are many kinds of SAAS products varying from PAAS such as Facebook , popular video games are GAAS products, and there are other variations

Platform as a service (PAAS)

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is where a third-party provider equips developers with proprietary APIs to make applications that will run within a specific environment. PAAS Development can easily run at least 10k

Infastructure as a service (IAAS)

Infrastructure as a Service The third segment of cloud services is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This is the most comprehensive cloud platform and is mainly used by full-time developers or large-scale enterprise customers. While SaaS lets you use cloud apps and PaaS lets you develop apps, IaaS gives you the infrastructure to develop, run, and manage your applications in cloud environments — providing for virtually limitless storage and computing power without having any physical hardware to own or operate. Developing a IAAS can easily run at least 20k in many cases.