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Shopify development Contracts

The early contract phase with your developer or your web design agency can really take a couple weeks in some cases depending on how your schedule and theirs of course.After you and your developer or web design agency figure out an agreement, then they would start designing your website.

Shopify Website Design

The design phase is usually where the designers start trying out different things for different pages and sending them over to their project manager, who would present to you, for your approval, so this can take a couple weeks or days depending on the size of the site. Be sure that you proofread all your copy that is going to be on the site, make sure you really look at any images or videos to make sure they really meet your expectation. Look closely at margins, padding, corners, etc when looking at your images. When you are proof reading your copy that will be on your site, make sure you're checking for grammar issues, font color, etc, because as the owner of the site, you do have the final word as to what will actually be public on your site. Make sure you’re looking at prices and descriptions really closely as well as weight, captions, cta's etc. You really want to make sure that when you approve stuff you are really paying attention and not just saying, yes. If you don’t really take a close look at things early on in the design, you will notice later on, there might be some issues where things take longer, if you have to go back and do everything over again, so make sure you really have an appropriate time slot for any meetings where your sign off is needed and don’t be afraid to say, hey I will look at this later, in the mean time ,feel free to work on other aspects of the project. That is totally okay to say, you definitely don’t want to rush the design.

Shopify Settings

There are a lot of settings to configure in shopify for allowing collaborators to enable billing, to transferring ownership, to taxes, to weight, to user permissions. There are really quite a bit of settings that you may need to get familiar with. IF you ever get stuck, you can always reach out to us and ask us any questions any time during any phase of the project. We are always happy to sell.

Shopify Development

After your Ecommerce store is designed, development would then start. This will take longer, because getting the code to show the exact design that was made prior, can really take a few days to a few weeks depending how elaborate each page is.

If there are many elaborate sections on each page, sometimes a whole page can take weeks or even months, this is not uncommon, especially when there are a lot of products and or services that need a custom look for each item. A very detailed design can take months to develop. So keep that in mind when you are working with your developer/ agency.

Now as the project matures, and your website starts to look better and more developed, you will be getting videos, or images of your website. There are instances as well, where your site will be developed locally, so you may not always see the changes to your site as it is being developed until the developers push everything to your live test site, which will usually be updated daily or weekly, depending how long certain tasks take.

So to recap, your shopify site can take weeks or months depending on how elaborate the design is and how many products, services and features will be present on your website.

So make sure you discuss this with your developer/agency so you can have an idea of how long development will take.

Shopify development cost

 Shopify's lowest monthly plan is only 9 dollars a month. This is called their shopify lite plan. At only 9 dollars a month, this is less than the price of netflix, hulu, disney plus, two mcd's meals, or a tank of gas. Basically anyone can afford the price of shopify lite.

If you combine the price of shopify lite with any of our financing options for custom development anyone making at least 25k a year can easily afford our custom shopify development service.

Shopify development at it's lowest cost is about 1500 -2500 for a very small, professional web design. This could be several pages with under a hundred products and a custom design.

Hiring a shopify developer

A shopify developer will make your site more custom. This means they will edit the shopify code for you and create something you won't normally see if you used the page builder with in shopify. Which is the difference between a custom shopify store and a shopify store not created by a developer. For insance, when you hire a developer to build your store, you get much more funcationality, you will get animations, that aren't offered in the builder from shopify, you get a developer who understands web design trends, site speed, ui, ux and everything else that goes into creating a website that will perform well and convert your users into buyers.

Shopify developers have experience developing many kinds of sites and do so daily. Our Developers have been developing shopify stores for years. So, we know exactly what your E-commerce store needs to succeed. We will incorporate, animations, social media integration, mailing lists, custom product designs and more in your shopify enterprise store.

years of experience we will create you something beautiful. We have different builds for different budgets. So if you need a 50k dollar web design for your shopify store, you will get much more work done and a better design then a less premium customer who only needs 3-5k of work on their shopify store. Our shopify stores generally start at $5000.00, but feel free to give us a call and let us know what you need. Remember, we always offer financing.

This is less than the price of a new car payment in most cases. That’s 12 payments of 416.66 or 24 payments of 208.00. Some financers can get you an even lower deal at 138.00 for 36 months.

Starting a shopify store

There are so many reasons you should start developing your shopify store especially in 2022 and after. Right now with the Corona-Virus pandemic so prevalent, there are so many people who have opted to order their groceries and goods online. People simply don’t want to go to the store. But it's more than that, it's convenient. Why would you make your customers leave their home to pick up their goods when they can simply have it delivered to their choice of address. Let's cover 7 reasons why you should set up your E-Commerce Store with San Antonio's Web Design today.

1.  Developing your shopify store is easier than ever with Content Management systems like Shopify that are now readily available to anyone with a debit card and some $30.00

2.  Developing an E-commerce Store allows you to save on overhead and advertise your products to the world.

3.  When you set up an online Store or shopify store you are allowing your customers the option to see what you have available and you’re allowing them to choose what products they want from the comfort of their own home.

4.  Having an E-commerce Store or shopify store or really any store allows you to take advantage of writing off business expenses. You can talk to an attorney or CPA to learn more about how this can save you money come tax season.

5.  An E-commerce Store allows you to reach a broader audience than just your neighborhood or city. You are able to send your items to anywhere in the world if you choose too.

6.  Not only can you reach a broader audience it is much easier for the starting business person to start their own niche shop in their chosen online space whether they are using Shopify, building the store from scratch, or hiring a developer to build their shopify store or build the store from scratch.

7.  Having your products online allows you to grow your brand fast. Feel free too look at our other articles to learn more about maerketing.

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