Seo and why it takes longer on certain websites



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a very long and grueling process or it can be very fast and very simple. To properly form the SEO on your website you need to know what keywords are used for your niche.  There are lot’s of tools that you can use for this. For example you can use google’s keyword planner. Google gives you a lot of free tools to use for your website such as the keyword planner. The keyword planner allows a web designer to find what keywords are used the most in a specific niche. Knowing what


word’s are used the most in a niche is the difference between bad SEO and converting traffic. A website that does not use proper keywords will rank low on google and other/if any relevant search engine’s. Ranking low on google is the same as being the unpopular kid in school or the new guy with B.O at your


regular 9-5. Nobody is going to want to see what you have. You will be ignored and it doesn’t matter how skilled you are or great your products are. You will simply be left in the dust while your competitors rake in all that sweet sweet mula.




So , now you have all the great keywords! Awesome so now what? well you need to get found on the internet. So, you will need to know which keyword you can actually be found for! Often times if your site is new you will most likely not rank high for the most searched keywords. That isn’t exactly bad because you can still rank for one of the less searched words. If someone searches for anything closely related to your niche and your site




popups than you can pat yourself on the back because even if you aren’t getting picked for the highest ranking keyword on google for your niche you are still getting picked & you are doing for free! I don’t know about you but there is nothing better than an investment that pay’s for itself. Luckily SEO or Search engine optimization is just the tool to get that job done!


An experienced web Developer knows exactly how to rank your website! Will it happen over night? Of course it will! Just kidding 


PROPER SEO takes time and unless you want google to start you over so that your current ranking doesn’t matter you will have to take the time needed to do it properly. There are lot’s of black hat SEO techniques like anchoring and using old domains that had quality back links to forward traffic to your current site that will


only work temporarily and will only result in you losing traffic in the long run. I can go on and on about PBN’s and other black hat tactics that work great for a while. But those things are




more for short term affiliate and ad revenue generation. Which is a great way to earn a living by the way :). So, let’s get back on topic shall we? we’ve discussed what SEO is and some of the way’s you your website can get more traffic by using SEO haven’t we? One of the things I have not gotten to yet however is why some sites take longer for search engine optimization to pay of. well, let me explain that a little further now that I have given an adequate amount of information regarding what exactly SEO is, how you get it and a


general idea of what it can do for you. So, out of the millions of


websites on the internet you will notice that some really nice sites just don’t rank well. That is because google has a pretty strict set of rules about what fly’s and what doesn’t. 






Not too long ago you


could just spam links in white areas of your website in white font and your site would rank incredibly well. Now a-day’s if you do that google will actually lower your ranking. Additionally many websites don’t really watch their meta code. Google only allows certain meta code to really put you ahead of the game whilst others


are really more of an industry standard. That being said many websites also just have a huge amount of people


in them! A niche like fitness will be really hard to rank for by simply just using Seo. You would need a ton of quality back links, a blog, an extremely fast website, no 404 errors and you will definitely need a huge social media presence. SEO Is really a vast and important topic that should be taken seriously. This is exactly why


Industry experts like San Antonio’s Web Design are more than equipped to handle not just your website, but your paid and unpaid traffic including your SEO.