How do I get more local web traffic for my service business website?



There are a  billion and one ways to get more local web traffic to your service business website such as facebook, facebook ads, blogs, youtube, backlinks and guest posting just to name a few.


But let’s first cover what those terms mean. It’s  a mouthful to say but no worries, We’ll break it down for you. The first thing you need to understand is local web traffic. What we are referring to is people in the area that you provide a service too.   So, How do you get more of them to your service business website? Well, first off we need to understand the niche. You need to understand what it is that drives your current customers to your website. Once we have a good understanding of this we can easily get a ton of more traffic. 

Facebook Traffic



So,  let’s say for starters your website is getting some of it’s traffic because you use a specific group or groups  on facebook that drive traffic to your website. You can check this by simply getting your website set up with google analytics. Google offers a free tool that allows you to track your websites traffic. You can see how many users are on your website by day, week or month. You can also track  where they are coming from. You can check what kind of devices are being used to view your website, where these devices are being used to view your website and how long they are on your website. These are important metrics that web developers, marketers, and seo experts all use to update your website in a way that meets  your users needs and gets you more users. You can maximize this type of social media traffic by making more targeted posts. For instance, if one of your articles is getting a large amount of traffic from a facebook group, than you can capitalize on that traffic by making more elaborate posts on facebook targeting the same long tailed keywords or general idea of said article. Another thing you can do is make a facebook ad using the same idea.

Paid Facebook Ads


Paid Facebook ads can really help your local service businesses get more traffic online and quickly.  One of the biggest benefits of Facebook ads is there ad manager tool. Their ad manager tool allows you to track what users do when they get to your website from facebook. For instance, Facebook ad manager uses a tool they call a pixel. This pixel allows your web designer to see what users who come from facebook are actually doing on your website. You can track things such as a users behavior on a form page. You could see if the user fills out a form or if the users spent a lot of time on the form page. You could check if they went to other pages and how long they were there. You can check how many users responded to your ad and how long they were on your ad. These are just a few of the things that Facebook ads can do for your service business. This is hugely beneficial as this allows you to get user feedback. User feedback is the most important metric of any service business. You need to know what resonates with your audience if you want to build a bigger one. Once you put up a few ads targeting a broad audience. You will find your target demographic. Once you have your target demographic you just target  all other ads at those people. Next, you need to make some ads that catch your users attention. Think about something funny or memorable you could do so that your brand name stays in your customers minds. Next get a goal in mind. You need to know what you want your add to do. Do you want your add to get users interested in your new blog post about something like “how can I get more local web traffic to my service business”, Do you want to tell your potential customers about your newest promotion to on” your local garage door service repair company?, perhaps you are creating an email list and offering $10 dollars off to the next customer who buy’s your service or product with in the next 10 days. 


After you have picked a reason for your add you need to create an attractive or highly interesting landing page that will keep your customers attention for this add. This page should be mobile responsive and keyword or long tail keyword intensive.  (This will help you also generate some organic traffic along with the paid facebook traffic.) Lastly, check how your ad did with the facebook pixels and make adjustments from there to maximize this traffic. Once you have a really good idea of what your customers are responding best to for this facebook ad and landing page combo and you can start pumping money into this add. (disclaimer: It is best to make sure all your websites pages are optimized for seo or you won’t get the best bang for your buck.)

Organic blog Traffic 



There are several ways to get organic website traffic to your business website. As a business owner with a service business you need to understand a few things about the internet. The First Thing is that most users use google. The second thing is most of those google users are on mobile devices. With that in mind let me go over some of the ways these internet users can find your website on google. First of all your website needs to be optimized for seo. You can check this here . Second, we need to find out what your users are looking for. You can do this with keyword research. You can do your keyword research several ways. The first way is using Google’s keyword research tool. The second way is simply seeing what is ranking in your niche and just do better than the other guy. It’s easier than it sounds. You need to find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for and see what article is causing them to rank for that term. You can see more on that here – where I casually discuss how websites fail in their service industry.  To find what your competitors are ranking for you just need to type something in google  that your users might look up. My users might type in something like “how can a web designer get me more website traffic?”  Typing these words will prompt Google to show you the most engaged webpage related to that search result. Now, your job is to find out what they can improve on. So let’s say you clicked the first 4 results in google and all of the websites that ranked on google were under 500 characters. Well you could easily write an article with 1000 or even 2000 words that could outrank them. All you have to do is just make sure you are using keywords in your article, make sure your article uses good grammar and looks good.  If you met all of these requirements and you are not outranking those 4 results than you need to update your titles, subtitles, keywords and re-organize your blog post so that it makes more sense and answers the question that your users were looking for. For example, let’s say I wrote an article on “The basics of web traffic.” The title should be labeled “ the basics of web traffic.” The first line should give a very general answer. The first paragraph should outline the entire blog post or at least provide some  information on “the basics of web traffic” The entire article should be focused on basic web traffic. 


By following the above rules, you are allowing google to find your websites blog post easily. You also need to ensure that you are writing QUALITY HELPFUL CONTENT.  You will always get more organic traffic if you are making quality helpful content. Gone are the days where you can get a domain name under a local city or keyword, write 3 blog posts with 100 keywords and spam white space and other areas of your website to trick the search engines into ranking your website higher. Ever since the introduction of the engagement metrick google has started to rank websites based on how much time users spend on your website. Fortunately, we know that users spend more time of websites they like. Luckily, we all know users like websites that are helpful. After you start receiving more organic users you can simply start creating more articles for your service business. This will start the process of getting you continual monthly traffic to your website. The best part is that this works for all websites not just websites for service businesses.

Youtube Traffic


Youtube traffic is fourth but certainly not least. Video is the future  for many reasons. You can always paint a more memorable picture with viewers using video. This is because it activates more receptors in the brain. When you make several helpful videos on youtube will easily start to gain more traffic to your website as long as your youtube channel is optimized for this. Youtube offers several tools for just this reason. For starters youtube offers you the option to add your website name in your description, on your banner, in a logo, as a link in your video,  in the comment section, in the about section and even in the discussion section. In other words, YouTube is amazing for web traffic. Especially for a service business. If your company budgets for video content your website will get a ton of traffic! All you need to do is make sure your videos are good quality, helpful and are aimed at getting your viewers to your website.


One way to make sure your viewers go to your website is to offer a discount or limited service or product to youtube viewers. This will increase your engagement rate on your website and in turn boost your google ranking. Also, you are going to make sure your audience is engaging on your channel. You can do this by requesting your audience to write a comment in the comment section. You also want to interact with your audience this helps youtube know that your channel needs to be  prioritized. This prioritization will inturn bring more viewers to your website. Also you need to make sure your youtube videos carry a common theme that coincides with your service business. For instance, a company that only performs lawn mowing service should try to steer away from making videos on pool service, foundation repairs service, pawn creation services or other services that are related to customers home but not related to mowing their lawn. If you steer to far away from what your service business is about you are losing valuable keyword traffic. As a service business you want to get as much organic traffic as you can. Keeping your youtube about one aspect of a niche such as lawn mowing will ensure you get the most traffic per time spent making videos.  In other words you will get a higher return for your time and money. 

Guest posting


How can guest posting get your website more organic traffic? Well, I’m glad you asked!  Guest posting is a highly effective tool for obtaining more local traffic for your service business. Guest posting allows you to “Borrow” some link juice from a more established website. This guest posting allows your website to feed off of the traffic that the other website is getting while boosting your rank when users from this higher authority website are going to your lower domain authority, page authority website. Google will see your website as more of authority since this bigger website is referring it’s users to you. In  other words, guest posting is the internet equivalent of a business referral.


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