Drive free traffic to your website



Is your site getting you enough traffic to your website? No? Well don’t worry Web Designers know exactly how


to get traffic to your website.


There are quite a few ways to get traffic to your website.  One of the most popular way’s to do this is through


YouTube & Blogging.


If you are interested in getting traffic to your website from YouTube you need to understand that it will not happen


overnight. However, you will be able to grow your business brand by utilizing the YouTube platform via ,Search


engine optimization. The video platform that YouTube uses allows you to gain more traction from search engines


through engagement rates and SEO combined.


When done properly a YouTube account can be HUGE for SEO.


If you Combine this with Blogging you can create a ton of free traffic for your website by simply adding to each


one of these free platforms every day. Additionally another great tool for Generating High traffic for your website


is with Social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter get high priority from google


and when you combine your SEO, Keywords and Social Media Content your website will Gain ton’s of free traffic.


The other key to these Free methods is to make sure you are consistent and you do these things continuously.


Another option you can use to generate free traffic is to use high quality back links and guest posting. If you do not


know what these things it’s okay. I will explain these as well. A high quality back link is a link that is directed to your


website from a different website that already has tons of traffic going to it’s website everyday.  These types of sites


are also called Authority sites. Essentially a high quality back links is a huge funnel.  People who go to the bigger


websites will see your link and they will click on your link and wallah Free traffic.  Let’s talk about guest posting now.


Guest posting is when you or someone who represents you posts an article on another persons website. This article


will reference your company or website in some form or fashion.