How Social media can get you more traffic to your E-Commerce Store

You should order professional Web Design Services because a Web Developer or designer develops and designs websites all day every day. When you’re working at your job your developer is busy developing something incredible.

The 40 hours a week you spend on your business is the same 40 hours(or more)That your developer spends becoming a better developer or web designer. But let’s get into 10 more specific reasons.

1. Social Media websites like Tik-Tok, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are huge for getting traffic to your site because you are exposing your site to these social media websites millions of users.

2.  You will need to post interesting content and post it often! Some even post several times every day!

3.  You need to understand how social media works, in general the more you post and the more engagement you get the more these apps will favor your posts and the more your posts will drive traffic to your site! So, being consistent is huge!

4.  If you’re too busy to do this you can always hire a marketing, social media managing company, or SEO company to handle this for you. Either type of company will generally be happy to take this chore off of your hands.

5.  Sharing your content on social media is huge for driving traffic back to your E-commerce website because when consumers see that your website is having huge sales they won’t be able to resist checking it out!

6.  You can leverage other people’s Traffic by reaching out to influencers, they will be glad to share your product with their audience for a fee. But watch out! Make sure this influencer has real followers and not bots!

7.  You can get your users to share your blog posts on your E-Commerce Website to their social media with share buttons like we have at the bottom of this post.

8.  When you share your products or blog posts from your E-Commerce store make sure you are using proper metadata so that the social media sites will show a good image for the page you are linking otherwise your post will just be ugly. WordPress has plugins like Yoast to make this easier for non-tech savvy people.

9.  Ask a bigger social media page or youtube channel for a shoutout! If the other channel is in your niche and their audience likes you, this could be huge for your traffic.

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Does your current website only look good on a 40 inch desktop monitor? No worries, we'll fix your site so it works on mobile devices like Iphones, android phones, tablets and Ipads. Also, Every site we build is automatically mobile friendly at no extra cost.

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