5 tips to speed up your image heavy website


Here area unit 5 prime net style and wife trends which will grow your business quick.

1. Video landing page
Incorporating video into your web site style could be a labor. I mean, seventy eight % of web users watch videos on-line each week.

But, do not simply imbed unspecified YouTube video. Instead, take your web site style to subsequent level by making a video landing page.

You could target this video to an immediate decision to action on a specific web content, a la Salesforce. otherwise you may take a page out of Baesman’s book and make AN immersive video that auto-plays on your homepage. Either of those approaches will give data or drive home the brand’s identity – however each can improve wife and users’ impression of your company as a full.

Not sold? The proof is within the pudding. consistent with Vidyard and Demand Metric’s The State of Video promoting 2017 study – that surveyed 159 B2B and B2C professionals and entrepreneurs – it’s expected that sixty nine % of web site traffic are going to be video, whereas seventy % of skilled participants according that video converts higher than alternative kinds of data and content.

2. optical phenomenon scrolling
While digital experiences don’t have any doubt improved several aspects of our daily lives, it’s had one negative impact: individuals area unit lazy. So lazy, in fact, that clicking a button is commonly too way out of the realm of chance.

Enter optical phenomenon scrolling.

This uneven-like scrolling impact has combated consumers’ general laziness whereas remaining participating and visually appealing. With a straightforward swipe (a la Tinder), users have simply consumed your data as they create their method down the page.

The popularity of optical phenomenon scrolling has conjointly introduced a lot of deep-scrolling and single-page web site styles, and renders what data is “above the fold” a touch less necessary, since it’s easier to check what is below, too. Ultimately, that creates prioritizing content easier for you to manage and will increase your user’s probability of seeing everything anyways.


Make Your cash Matter took its optical phenomenon scrolling to subsequent level, with effects spanning AN illustrated timeline that goes each horizontally and vertically, guaranteeing it captivates users.

Growing any business is, well, powerful business. you’ve your hand in each pot whereas at the same time sporting each hat. you are worrying regarding promoting ways, product creation and growth plans, bushed constant day.

With such a large amount of in progress tasks, it may be way too straightforward to let a touch issue like digital presence fall by the edge. However, that will be a grave mistake.

The Harvard Business Review recently conducted a study on what specifically makes individuals wish to complete a sale from a specific web site, and also the results were a convincing “trustworthiness.” By creating customers feel safe, comfy and relaxed once they visit your on-line destination, you stand a way higher probability of not simply encouraging them to complete a sale, however convincing them to become old users.

A strong web site style is overriding in making this trait. By presenting a web destination that’s easy and straightforward to navigate, users can have a a lot of positive expertise throughout your web site, creating them a lot of doubtless to complete a sale.

So, whereas things like company transparency, nice testimonials, and a solid product area unit obvious ways in which to ingrain familiarity to potential customers, web site style clearly ranks notably high once determinant if a whole looks trustworthy or not.

In order to face out from the gang, there area unit a number of tried-and-true style parts which will rework your web site guests into loyal customers. don’t be concerned, i am not attending to say one thing obvious like “responsive designs” – parts like that area unit a given.

3. Animated calls to action

Calls to action area unit a necessary evil in web site style. the actual fact remains that your customers will not understand what to try to to unless you expressly tell them. Many. Many. Times.

However, merely telling your customers what to try to to simply is not enough any longer, either. they are seeing stimuli and directions from all corners of the online, therefore you wish a touch one thing further to assist your goal stand out.

Adding a touch animation to your necessary action things may well be simply the price ticket. whether or not it is a micro-mini interaction (such as “liking” a Facebook post and seeing the various reaction animations) or a straightforward impact to catch users’ eyes, customers area unit a lot of doubtless to execute the action you are pushing once the decision to action grabs their attention and provides confirmation of completion.

Need some inspiration? Airbnb uses its animation app, Lottie, to include delicate graphics animations atop its calls to action throughout its web site and app styles.


4. Custom typography
Every web site desires text, however the times of boring Times New Roman, Arial or the other basic stock font have long-since passed. Instead, take your message to subsequent level with distinctive typography that encompasses your whole identity whereas at the same time human activity to users.

This distinctive typography will take several shapes (literally) or be found in numerous areas of your style. Some brands could prefer to utilize this in their brand style, whereas alternative businesses (like mine) can sprinkle custom font throughout the whole style to draw attention to big content, like this article signup decision to action (below). Ultimately, the selection in however and wherever you utilize this trend is up to you.

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5. AI
Despite the surge in ecommerce sales over brick and mortar storefronts, individuals still crave connections, that is probably going one {in all|one amongst|one in every of} the explanations that AI in all its forms is therefore common.

AI in web site style will take several shapes, however some common examples embody machine learning, personalization and chatbots. Machine learning and personalization area unit cut from constant fabric to a degree and control a sense of “being special” with users that, in turn, fosters whole loyalty.

Chatbots influence user expertise far more directly, though. whereas they supply an enticing component, the largest draw to incorporating chatbots into your web site style relates to client service. Users will raise queries and receive answers in real time – that is simple to ascertain – and acquire data quickly.

Quartz could be a stellar example of chatbots inside immersive app style. Through a informal interface and humorous  memes, users area unit a lot of doubtless to come back to consume the amusing content than they’re to browse a run of the mill news story on another app.

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