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How to increase lawncare website earnings 2023

Generating passive income for your lawncare website, probably isn't something that people talk about enough in 2023.

The reality is, yes you are likely mowing 20 lawns on the weekend and getting about 50 a lawn or so, adding up to 4000 a month in the summer time if you are running a very good lawn service.

The average income for a lawn service is about 80,000 according to This is actually very good, there are some lawncare services making 6 figures and up, whereas the average in reality might make less. Let us know how much you are grossing in the comment section.

Anywho, for all of that chedder, you still have to work. What if you didn't? What if we could show you a few ways you could monetize your business website to help you make more money from your website? Well, we actually have a list of a few things you can do, to help you gain more profits while you are in the off season, or not on the job.

1. You can start writing articles about lawncare, and monetize your blog on your website with ad networks like sovrn, ezoic,, adfly, google ads, adthrive and so many others.

The interesting thing about adding ads to your blog, is that if you rank for the right low competitive keywords, you can easily start raking in the cash!

You could eventually hire a team to manage it, and pay for it with your ad money!

Blogging is easy, you just have to write articles related to your niche, enable ads, and blog a few times a week!

The cool thing about wordpress blogs, is that wordpress can help you with your seo with tools like yoast, and all in one seo!

WordPress also lets you schedule your posts, and with tools like jetpack, you can easily share each new post to your social media accounts, guarenteting a braoder reach!

Did you know over 90% of all websites use wordpress?

This is because WordPress makes it incredibly easy to start a blog or business website, and start monetizing your blog, increase your website traffic, increase your reach, and easily make more money from your website with all of the plugins and integrations at your fingertips! can help you create your WordPress website today so you can get more customers, and make passive income from your new website! We will even show you how!

Having a WordPress website makes creating lawn care content so much easier, as you don't need to know HTML, CSS, JS, or many other web development technologies that a developer has to know. Also, there are so many plugins, integrations, and guides available in 2023 to make creating your website much easier.

In addition, this also means creating logins for content creators you hire much easier, as well as hiring a developer for minor or custom tasks, as you can easily create logins for them to access your website, and make any updates that you might have trouble with.

Affiliate marketing

Affilate marketing is an easy way to generate more passive income from your lawncare business website. You simply need to add some product links to your blog posts, or add them to qoura, reddit, Medium, tumblr, youtube, etc.

The idea is to gain an audience on a platform, funnel the traffic to your website, then sell them on affiliate items from your website.

The reason you want them to come to your website is so you can own the traffic, rank your website better, and eventually grow an email list that you can use to target previous customers for future sales or affiliate content.

If you keep all of your traffic, subs, followers etc on a seperate plaform, you risk losing the audience, and you lose out on revenue from retargeting.

Selling website space

Once your lawn care website gets enough website traffic, and you start to rank on google, after posting original, longform, well written content, with images, and preferably videos.

You will start to have people reach out to you about posting on your lawncare website. You will get emails from people in your niche, who want to start writing articles on your website, so they can link back to their website.

They will likely ask to post for free, don't do that.

Charge them a small fee to post an article on your blog, as the idea is for them to link their website, or their clients website to help the website they are representing gain more traction in the serps.

Some websites charge hundreds, some charge thousands, some charge much less.

The key is to understand what your competitors are charging with similiar traffic.

You can get an idea of how much traffic your competitors have by using tools like keywords anywhere.

You can also just email them, and ask how much they would charge you, once you've emailed some of your competitors to see what prices they charge, just charge something in that range, assuming you can offer the same "link juice" as your competitors.

How to find blog topics

finding blog topics and affiliate items are easy as pie, you can use google trends, and test out different keywords, such as lawncare advice, lawncare tips, best hedgers, best weedeaters, the best electric lawnmowers, lawn mower storage etc etc.

You can also use google's predictive text to see what people are searching for.

For instance, if you go to and type in lawncare, you will results pop up from other people who have searched for lawncare related things. All you have to do then is just write about related topics, and make your blog post better then the ones that show up first in snippets, or after sponsered ads in googles search results.

How to find affilate networks

Most large websites such as amazon,,,, home,,, etc etc, all have affiliate network links in their footer.

You can simply go there, sign up, and start adding their links to your blog posts, forum posts, yt videos, facebook videos, instagram, pinterest posts etc.

One thing to be weary of is some affiliate networks will drop you from their affilate network if you don't make any sales, so to avoid that do a bit of research and make sure you already have a steady stream of traffic before applying for affiliate networks such as amazon, as amazon will drop you from the program, if you don't meet sales quota, and you will be stuck with links to amazon, that don't generate you any money. You will then have to update your links, once re-approved as of 6/14/2023, this could change in the future, as all things can of course.

There is also affiliate networks such as clickbank, which gives you very high incentives for your affiliate sales, with some items paying as much as 4 thousand dollars a sale!

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